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elect Run as Administrator from the right-click menu. 8 Type regsvr32 u file.dllNote: Replace File with the actual filename of the DLL. 9 Press Enter to execute the command. Click the OK button on the pop-up that confirms the command was successful. 1 Ensure the humming noise does not represent the fan's normal operation. The fan normally increases in intensity and volume when CPU usage increases. If the the noise includes a buzzing or rattling--or sounds like anything other than the fan gears speeding up free textures --you should clean the fan. 2 Turn off the computer and unplug any peripherals. Do not leave any cords plugged into the computer. 3 Open the computer casing. Some casings require screw removal, and others lift off without tools. Be careful not to jostle the in ternal components during removal. 4 Locate the fan. Most Dell PCs house the fan in the rear of the case near the power supply, whe .

dust expels through the ventilation grate. 6 Reassemble the case and turn the computer on. If the humming continues, you may need to purchase a new fan.1 Check the VGA connection. The GUW2015 connects to your display monitor via a VGA cable. The VGA connector includes small screws that should be tightened to ensure it is connected all the way on both the VGA port on your display and the VGA port on the wireless adapter. 2 Check the device antenna. The GUW2015 includes a wireless antenna that must be affixed to the free 3d models backside of the adapter. Also, point the antenna upward so that it gets a clear reception from the USB adapter. 3 Check the power adapter. To power the GUW2015, it must be connected to a functioning wall outlet with the power adapter. 4 Check the adapter manag er utility in your computer's system tray. The adapter manager utility is the program on your computer that lets you know that the .

e because the channel you are currently using is not clear. Open the adapter manager utility and set the transmission channel to a nother channel to see if that fixes the problem. 6 Update drivers. If the wireless adapter is still not working, the installed dri vers may be missing or outdated. Download the most recent device drivers from the IOGEAR website.Physical Problems and Malware 1 C heck the connection between your computer and monitor if they are two separate units. Unplug this cable and plug it back in. If ei low carb diets ther end is loose or weak, your display may flicker. Make sure the cable is not damaged or missing any pins. You may need to repla ce the cable itself. 2 Inspect the monitor itself. If there are cracks or other damage anywhere on the screen or elsewhere on the device, this may be the cause of a flickering screen. You may need to replace the monitor itself if it is damaged. 3 Run a malware .

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